For Photographers & Videographers

For Photographers & Videographers:

Are you a photographer or videographer looking to add a personal touch to your packages?

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The Visual Book is the perfect way to increase the value of your packages and up-sell to clients. Our beautifully crafted book combines high-quality photos and videos with built-in audio to create a stunning and interactive experience.


  • Personalize with your custom logo and color
  • Increase package value by adding to wedding packages and offering as gifts 
  • Close more sales by using the Visual Book as a conversation starter at wedding fairs and client meetings
  • Stand out with the classic linen, leather or suede design that elevates the visual and tactile experience
  • Generate more leads by promoting your business and using the Visual Book as a sales tool for venues and wedding planners. 

Benefits of including the Visual Book in your packages:

  • Offer a product that is not available elsewhere: The Visual Book is a unique and innovative way to store and share photos and videos. Your clients will appreciate the added value and convenience of having all their memories in one place.

  • Increase package value: The Visual Book is a high-quality and luxurious product that can help you increase the value of your packages and up-sell to clients.

  • Enhance the client experience: The Visual Book is not only a beautiful piece of art, but it is also a functional and interactive way to relive and share memories. Your clients will love the added convenience and enjoyment of using the Visual Book.

  • Stand out from the competition: The Visual Book's design and exceptional quality set it apart from traditional photo albums. By offering the Visual Book, you can differentiate yourself from other photographers and videographers and showcase your unique style and expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Visual Book?

We are a gorgeously innovative brand that is taking traditional ways of preserving memories to new heights.

The Visual Book is a luxury memory preservation company that specialises in creating interactive and immersive ways to capture and preserve special moments and memories. Our products feature audio and video content and come in elegant packagin. Transforming memories into visually stunning and timeless keepsakes.

What is a video album?

Video albums are a versatile and functional way to preserve and share your memories. It can help you capture and store a wide range of special moments and memories, including Funny moments, Milestones, Dream proposals, and Special events like weddings, birthdays, and Family memories. No matter what type of memories you want to preserve, the Visual Book is a versatile and functional way to do it. With its built-in audio and stunning display, it's a beautiful and lasting way to share your special moments with others.

No WIFI or Bluetooth connection is required.

Is it possible to customise the design of my book?

New Book Titles, Colors and Materials Coming Soon! We're actively developing various book designs, titles, colors, and materials. Look out for updates on new offerings. For custom design requests, please contact us and we'll let you know if it's possible.

Technical Support

How do I add a video to my video Book?

You can simply add your video for us to upload. Alternatively, you just connect the video book to any computer with the provided micro USB cable (included) and upload your video onto the device, just like how you would do it with any other USB drive.

The STEP BY STEP guide book is also included in every order

I am having trouble with my visual book. Some files are not opening and the videos are not playing.

Check the video file format and ensure that it is compatible with the visual book device. Most devices support common video formats such as MP4, MOV, and AVI,

if the video file is not in a compatible format, you can try using a video converter app (Capcut, iMovie etc) to change the format and make it playable on the device.

watch the video below: To find out how to fix the issue with CapCut:

Warranty & Repair

We understand that things happen, in the very rare unlikely situation where your book stops working due to manufacturing defects, get in touch and we'll replace your product free of charge within six months of purchase.

Shipping & Delivery

How long does shipping take ?

We ship worldwide.

UK shipping

If you choose to upload your videos yourself, shipping takes 2-3 working days.

If we are uploading your videos, shipping takes 3-5 working days.

EU shipping

3 - 11 working days

International Shipping 

5 - 14 working days

Do we offer free shipping ?

We offer free shipping for UK and EU (including Switzerland) orders. UK customers also have the option for next-day delivery at an additional fee. For express delivery in EU and Switzerland, customers must pay the relevant fee

Do we ship internationally ?

For orders outside of the UK, we use Royal Mail (Parcel Force) for shipping. The shipping cost will be calculated at checkout and may vary based on the destination country.

Please note: International shipments may experience delays due to customs processing, although custom duties are highly unlikely. Customers are responsible for any applicable customs fees, duties, and tariff