For Photographers & Videographers

For Photographers & Videographers:

Are you a photographer or videographer looking to add a personal touch to your packages?

Take advantage of our special offer: We offer up to 50% off on bulk orders for photographers and videographers. Contact us at to learn more and place your order.

The Visual Book is the perfect way to increase the value of your packages and up-sell to clients. Our beautifully crafted book combines high-quality photos and videos with built-in audio to create a stunning and interactive experience.


  • Personalize with your custom logo and color
  • Increase package value by adding to wedding packages and offering as gifts 
  • Close more sales by using the Visual Book as a conversation starter at wedding fairs and client meetings
  • Stand out with the classic linen, leather or suede design that elevates the visual and tactile experience
  • Generate more leads by promoting your business and using the Visual Book as a sales tool for venues and wedding planners. 

Benefits of including the Visual Book in your packages:

  • Offer a product that is not available elsewhere: The Visual Book is a unique and innovative way to store and share photos and videos. Your clients will appreciate the added value and convenience of having all their memories in one place.

  • Increase package value: The Visual Book is a high-quality and luxurious product that can help you increase the value of your packages and up-sell to clients.

  • Enhance the client experience: The Visual Book is not only a beautiful piece of art, but it is also a functional and interactive way to relive and share memories. Your clients will love the added convenience and enjoyment of using the Visual Book.

  • Stand out from the competition: The Visual Book's design and exceptional quality set it apart from traditional photo albums. By offering the Visual Book, you can differentiate yourself from other photographers and videographers and showcase your unique style and expertise.

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