How it works

  • Connect To Your Computer

    To setup your Classic Visual Book connect it to your computer using the USB cable.

  • Effortless Media Management

    Sort photos and videos into respective folders, ensure they meet format and resolution. You can add, delete, or modify your content as you wish.

  • Gift-Ready Book

    Benefit from our complimentary service, optional pre-loading service by media experts, ensuring your Book arrives ready to showcase your memories, all presented in our gift box.

  • Video Compatibility Issues

    Troubled by 'no file' or ‘video not supported’ errors? Our converter is designed to resolve these issues and enhance your Visual Book experience.

    Use converter 
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  • Step 1: Start Recording

    Click the record button on your audio card. You'll hear a beep sound, indicating that the recording is about to begin.

    Speak or play the audio you want to capture. The audio card will store the recorded data in its memory.

  • Step 2: Record

    Click the record button again.

    You'll hear two beep sounds, indicating that the recording has stopped.

  • Step 3: Playback & Re-Record

    If you want to listen to your recording, click the play button on your audio card.

    If you want to re-record, simply follow the same steps again.

    Note: The previous recording will automatically be deleted and replaced with the new recording.

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  • Download the Visual Book App

    Get the free visual book app on your smartphone
    or tablet.

  • Set Up Your Book

    Follow the easy steps to connect to
    Wi-Fi and start sharing.

  • Share Memories Instantly

    Invite family and friends to share videos and photos worldwide in seconds, with
    unlimited storage included.

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