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    Stories are the backbone of any business, and ours is no different.

The idea for the Visual Book came from a very personal place. As the founder of the Visual Book, I grew up in Nigeria and moved to the UK for university. Tragically, I lost my father when I was just three years old. Growing up, I constantly asked my mother for photos and videos of him, so she would photoshop pictures of us together.  

Preserving memories is essential to the human experience. Our brains are designed to automatically hold on to important events and filter out the rest. This ability to preserve memories is fundamental to who we are as humans. We are visual creatures, and images have the power to grab our attention and draw us in. This is why storing and sharing our memories through photos and videos is so important. It allows us to relive those special moments and share them with others.

We are a gorgeously innovative brand that is taking traditional photo books to new heights. Our Visual Books are distinguished by their classic elements, functional design, and exceptional quality. Each book is a unique piece, made with the finest materials and precision craftsmanship to last. All buttons work perfectly, and we design the packaging in a luxurious way so that customers may even use it as a decorative element in their homes.

This experience & growing up in a digital world taught me the importance of video and photos in our daily lives and I was motivated to create a product that would help people preserve and share their memories in a more personal and enduring way. I wanted to be able to show my children, memories of their grandfather, and the Visual Book allows me to do that.