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Introducing the ultimate luxury greeting experience - the Audio Greeting Card. Made with speciality textured paper and finished with a gold or silver foil stamp, this elegant card is the perfect way to add a personal touch to any occasion.

With the simple press of a button, you can record a message for up to 60 seconds, making it easy to share your thoughts, well wishes, or even a song or sound effect with your loved ones. And if you want to try again, no problem - you can re-record your message as many times as you wish.

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    An audio greeting card is a card that includes an audio message, allowing the sender to convey a personal message to the recipient in a unique and memorable way.

    High Luxury Textured Paper:
    Our audio greeting cards are printed on high-quality textured paper, adding a touch of elegance to your message.

    Foil Stamp:
    The message on the card is stamped with luxurious foil, adding a sophisticated finish to your message.

    Play button:

    The play button is used to activate the audio message. When pressed, the recorded message will play through the built-in speaker, allowing the recipient to hear the sender's voice.

    Record button:

    The record button is used to record a personal audio message. When pressed, the card will start recording the sender's voice, allowing them to record a personalised greeting for the recipient.


    The speakers are built-in to the greeting card and allow the recorded audio message to be played aloud.

    Text box:

    The text box is a space where the customer can write a personalised message to the greeting card recipient. This provides an additional way to customise the card and add a personal touch.

    Overall, the audio greeting card is a unique and personalised way to send a special message to someone, using a combination of recorded audio, written text, and additional personal touches. The play and record buttons, built-in speakers, text box and textured paper, all work together to create a memorable and unique experience for the recipient.